The 40 List

1. Climb Mt Kinabalu (Borneo)
2. Climb Mt Gower (Lord Howe Island)
3. Run another half marathon
4. Get back on my bike
Confronting fears
5. Eat a tomato
6. Learn to sing
7. Dance in public
8. Do another scuba dive
9. Ski a black run
10. Visit more European cities
11. See the Northern lights
12. Go to a Scottish Island
13. Go to Cornwall
14. Go to Sandrock
15. Go to Cuba
16. Visit my friend Anna and her twins before I go back to work
17. Cook dinner for friends at least once a month
18. Look at the evening sky at least once a week
19. Go to Santorini
20. Start learning another language
21. Do a photography course
22. Learn the constellations
23. Read a classic book
24. Read a cult book
25. Watch a cult film
26. Learn Reiki
27. Understand British history
28. Understand the background to Israel Palestine conflict
29. Visit the Imperial War Museum
30. Visit the war memorial in Staffordshire
31. Read Saigon
Life lessons/me
32. Project Orange*
33. Give back
34. Say no sometimes
35. Let go of negative people
36. Make a big change
37. Declutter the house
38. Make the doors in my house actually fit their frames
39. Be more financially responsible
40. Project Gloria*
*very personal!

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